Shelly Denise Martin-Hester, Smiths Station, AL

Shelly Denise Martin-Hester, Smiths Station, AL

This woman is out there ladies, so lock up you men! She’s been married a few times and doesn’t hesitate to hook up with men who aren’t available. My husband met her at Troy in class and she tried to turn his head. It was her way or the highway, and he choose me. Ain’t happenin in my neck-o-the-woods! Don’t figure what is special, she ain’t no looker (um… maybe I can). Can’t keep jobs either. Fired from one job after 16 months, gets a new one and is fired in 2. Love her things on her facebook, like she’s some high and mighty christian. I am a Christian woman-a woman with integrity, character, and class. I am remaining silent for now but when the time comes, I will take my stand. Lord girl, get your own man and hang on to him and quit this mess!



  1. “A christian with class, integrity and character”? hmmm…..what would Jesus post? i doubt this little smear campaign is what he had in mind.

    • SHE said these things on her Facebook page. What would Jesus post? Probably quote the 7th commandment. A smear campaign reeks of untruths, and she can’t deny anything said.

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